Sorry for my sudden departure. Life is full of unexpected surprises, but I'm hoping the new year will bring about some normalcy and lots of blogging :)

I am heading back to Toronto for the holiday break and can't wait to see my family & friends. I'm also hoping for lots of snow. These snowflake pictures are crazy pretty. More snowflakes here

images: snowcrystals



Four more days on Kaui and than it's back to reality. Kaui is a lot more rustic and far less built up than Oahu. It feels like a small hippie/surfer town with tons of vegetarian restaurants and smoothie stands to match. The prices are much higher here than on Oahu, but it's worth it if you want to get away from the crowds. 

Waimea Canyon State Park

                                                              Amazing. Can't stop eating these!

                                                                         Na Pali Coast


Oahu - North Shore

We rented a car for one day and drove from our base in Waikiki to the North Shore. I wish we had done that sooner, as it was my favorite part of the trip. Stunning beaches, amazing surfers and lots of wildlife! I never want to leave!

We stopped for lunch at this famous shrimp truck. 



Hawaii - Waikiki

Just arrived in Hawaii yesterday and already I am stuffed! The food is amazing, but there is just so much of it! 

udon noodles from marukame udon

view from our hotel

                                                                          waikiki beach


mid-week treat

Last week my friend and I were able to sneak away for a mid-week break at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. By coming mid-week not only do you get super low prices, there is hardly anyone else around - we virtually had the salt water pool all to ourselves! If you do mange to make it out here don't pass on the amazing "pot" brownie with vanilla ice cream  - Yummm

all images: cdeemurphy

#1 Popovers with strawberry butter from Neiman Marcus

We don't have Neiman Marcus in Canada, so when I found out that I was moving to California the first thing I googled was the closest NM. It turns out to be about an hour drive away, which is probably a good thing! Instead of a traditional breadbasket, these giant puffs come out hot from the oven to your table. All the food at NM is amazing, but it's the puffs that keep me coming back for more.


#2 Food Trucks!

Coming from Toronto where the only street food choice is a hot dog, LA has an amazing variety of quality street food. From cheap tacos to gourmet ice cream sandwiches, there is a never ending supply of good food on the go.


#3 The Architecture

From sleek mid-century modernism to kookie Googie architecture and contemporary gems like the Disney Concert Hall, LA has it all.

Eames House
image: wikimedia

image:solar power jun                             more example of googie architecture found here

Gehry's Disney Concert Hall
image: cdeemurphy



Giant Calder mobiles and the amazing urban light installation are just some of the great pieces to check out at the LACMA. In addition, right next door to the LACMA are the Tar Pits and the Page Museum. Awesome! 

Calder mobiles

Page Museum


#7 The Getty

Beautiful gardens + stunning views of LA + amazing architecture = super fun day